Thursday, May 10, 2012

Citron Tree

Many years ago, on the farm where I grew up, my grandmother had a Citron Tree.

She used to make Marmalade with a mix of Citrus fruit, but I was too small to know if the Citroen was included.

I have not seen a Citron Tree since then; until we moved to
de Klippen Valleij.

Our tree is currently full of beautiful fruit; inedible, it is sour/bitter and also dry with very little juice.

I “Googled” for recipes, see this site for Etrog (Esrog) Jam / Marmalade.

More interesting to me is an old recipe book of my Grandmother’s - brought out by Pyrex. The printed dialect is very old – a mix of Afrikaans and Dutch.

One recipe for “Sitroën Jellie”; the writer claims that it is “the most beautiful of all citrus jellies, because it is as clear as water”.
I’ll record my attempt to make the Jelly
and post it on here if it is a success.

If you have a recipe for something we could make
with the Citron please let us know.
There are lots of
"perfect tarte au citron" recipes
on the internet but are made with lemon.


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