Monday, May 21, 2012

The Citron Jelly.


Use the yellow outer skin to make Marmalade and the inner fruit for the Jelly.
Squeeze out the juice and strain. Cut up and boil; 3 cups water for one cup of fruit pieces.
Boil until pieces are soft. Strain the above plus the juice squeezed from the fruit through muslin cloth
Bring to boil again. Add equivalent weight of sugar to weight of liquid.
Boil until it has a jelly like consistency when you cool a little on a cold plate.
In the recipe they suggest putting blotting paper soaked in Brandy or a thin layer of hot wax over the top of the jelly before you close the bottles.

It was fun to make the jelly, but I shall not be doing it regularly!
I have a new admiration for my late grandmother; her pantry was always full of bottles with delicious Jams and Preserves. What a job!

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